Residential Training

Some dogs can prove to be too difficult for their owners to train themselves or their owners simply do not have enough time every day to train their dogs effectively.

Residential training is the best solution if you have a dog that is challenging to train and you do not have the time or ability to do it yourself. Some high energy dogs can be too difficult to train without professional help and achieving the goal of having a happy, obedient dog that you can take anywhere without causing any problems can be quite difficult and time consuming.

K9 Care’s residential training can achieve in 2 or 3 weeks what would take an average owner up to six months. Your dog will live with us as part of the family and receive 4 training sessions a day until the required level of obedience is reached.

At the end of the training course you will be given a demonstration of your dog’s obedience and you and your family will receive personal tuition and coaching on how to effectively maintain the training and how to handle your dog once home.

We take puppies and adult dogs for residential training to resolve the following problems:


• Puppy Behaviour – toilet training, chewing, digging, car travel, crate training, play  biting

• Obedience – The full package of commands

• Pulling on the lead – Teaching your dog to walk politely on a loose lead 

• Lunging / Barking – Stopping your dog from lunging / barking at dogs or people

• Recall – an emergency recall from any distraction could save your dogs life

• Jumping up – A dog who jumps up can be annoying to people and a danger to young  children

• Doorway manners –  teaching your dog to wait at doorways could save his life

• Stealing – Stealing food or your belongings and running off with them

• Barking – Barking at visitors, when left alone or when out on a walk

• Separation Anxiety – crying, barking, chewing or other destructive behaviour when left  alone.


Fully inclusive cost is £250 per week, no hidden extras. The price also includes 12 months telephone and email support should you require any advice on dealing with future problems. 

You can book your dog in for residential training to coincide with holidays, thereby saving money on boarding kennel fees.

Contact us to enquire about availability or to discuss your dog’s training requirements.

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