IMG_0518Contrary to some people’s advice, puppy training should start as soon as your puppy is settled in to his new home.

This doesn’t mean hard core training from day one, just some simple, gentle steps towards creating a happy and balanced dog who will obey you without question.

If you follow my advice and stick to a few basic rules, I guarantee you will have a dog to be proud of, one who is a joy to take a walk and be the envy of all those people with untrained, disobedient dogs. I get people coming up to me saying, oh your dogs are so well behaved, I wish my one was like that but he just doesn’t listen to me. Or I get asked where I got the magic whistle.

My one to one puppy training course will show you how to give your puppy the best possible start on the road to becoming a happy, well mannered, loyal and obedient companion. You will learn how your puppy thinks and learns and how your actions affect your puppy’s development. Most importantly you will learn how to be a benevolent leader to your puppy, someone who he will worship and obey without question.

If you would like a dog to be proud of, call me now on 07872 575672.

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