Dog Training Services

Dog Training

I provide dog training in Dumfries and the surrounding area. I specialise in working with the owners of pet dogs to improve their relationship with their dog. My approach is to work with the owner and their dog on a one to one basis, helping dog owners to better understand how their dog thinks and most importantly how their dog learns

Puppy Training

My one to one puppy training will show you how to give your puppy the best possible start on the road to becoming a happy, well mannered, loyal and obedient companion. You will learn how your puppy thinks and learns and how your actions affect your puppy’s development. Most importantly you will learn how to be a benevolent leader.

Dog Behaviour

If your dog is beginning to show signs of problematic or unwanted behaviour, I can help you deal with it effectively. I will work with you and your dog to identify the root cause of the bad behaviour and develop a behaviour modification plan to resolve this in way that will completely change the relationship between you and your dog.

About My Dog Training

I can help you resolve the most common behaviour problems and obedience issues such as, pulling on the lead, recall, jumping up, separation anxiety, excessive barking, destructive behaviour etc. I can help you understand why your dog is behaving this way and you will learn how your dog thinks. I'll provide you with an action plan and guide you through the process of resolving the problem and learning how to become a benevolent leader for your dog. A little time and dedication spent learning to understand your dog and training your dog is extremely rewarding for both you and your dog. It will also have a huge positive effect on your relationship with your dog and make situations that were once a huge problem become a pleasurable experience. Simple things like taking your dog for a walk, or having visitors round, if you currently dread these because your dog misbehaves then you really should get professional dog training help because it doesn't have to be like this. You can have a happy, calm, well mannered and obedient dog who will love and adore you. For adult dogs with established behaviour problems I  provide 1 to 1 dog training for you and your family in your own home. 1 to 1 training is specially tailored to the training needs of you and your dog, not the one size fits all approach of some dog training classes. We can deal with the specific problems you are having with your dog in a controlled environment in a much more effective way. Most training has to start in a distraction free environment and it is not always possible to achieve this in a group class environment. With 1 to 1 training, most common canine issues can be resolved in 2 or 3 sessions with a little hard work by yourself.

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