We have a Spanish rescue who is, or was, very traffic reactive. It was impossible to walk him anywhere near moving vehicles as he was extremely dangerous, lunging, barking, twirling and chewing lead. We visited Brian for a one to one training session approx 5 months ago, he was very insightful and we have followed his advice with regards to the type of lead, how we walk him and how we let him behave in the house and our dog is so much more manageable. We can walk him in reasonable traffic, still a problem with noisy trailers /lorries, etc and the odd surprise lunge, but getting calmer with these and is calm in the home, attention-seeking has lessened. I would and have recommended Brian to any owner with a problem pooch.
Linda Ross
We can’t recommend or praise Brian enough. our springer spaniel Murphy was really difficult to take for a walk & had some bad doggy manners. Thanks to Brian’s hard work & knowledge, Murphy is a completely different dog & a pleasure to walk. We learnt a lot from Brian about how dogs think & only wish we had found Brian a lot earlier than we did!
Ian Anderson
Brian came to my house today to show me how to teach my 11 week old collie x, Holly, how to sit, lie down, recall and just general manners. She was starting from scratch using clicker training too. Within minutes she was beginning to do all of the above, it was amazing  Brian is very kind and patient couldn’t recommend more. I am off to go get my own clicker now and I can’t wait to carry on with everything he has taught me today! Me and Holly thank you.
Steph Cameron
Big thank you to Brian who came to our house to set us on the right path with our 10 week old boxer. Amazing the things you learn. Really looking forward to getting started to have the best trained dog we can possibly have. Having had a previous boxer who had a few issues we want Gus to be perfect. Thanks again Brian.
Claire Hargreaves
Brian came over to help me with issues I was having with a stubborn Border Collie, Toto, who decided she didn’t want to walk away from the house. As a result of Brian’s advice and guidance, Toto and I were very quickly walking around the area where we stayed. The following day we covered 9 miles and I do not anticipate any upcoming issues, however if I do, I can take the advice given to help. I cannot thank Brian enough and I’d instantly recommend him to any dog owners.
David Hardie
Big thank you to Brian for his help with our rescue puppy. She was extremely excitable & constantly jumping up at everyone. After one session we’ve not only been able to use the tools we were given to stop this, we’re also not being “taken a walk” anymore. We’ve still got work to do but we’ve now got the right tools to do it & are confident that we’re doing things right now.
Stacey Grierson

Can’t recommend Brian enough. He came to our house and had our boisterous Doberman puppy sitting calmly on the floor and walking beautifully on the lead within just a couple of hours. We had tried several other trainers in the area, but Brian’s methods are truly the only ones that worked with our headstrong pup.

Brian is incredibly personable and genuine, and made us feel so much more reassured and confident with our pup. It can be so frustrating to have a somewhat challenging dog, but Brian made us feel much better about it, and made us feel in control.

Thank you again for everything!

Jamie Stryker


I have two Jack Russells, not puppies either, they were thinking they ruled me, that was until Brian came round!! He was amazing from the word go, showed me how to react to the dogs and some great ways of keeping them in line. I’ve stuck with it too, now everyone’s happy, including the dogs! I would highly recommend Brian, great guy.
Emma Jane Wilson
Brian is absolutely fantastic at understanding dogs and showing their owners how to behave with them. Our poodle was nearly two when we got him and hadn’t had much training, we believe. He barks at everything, howls and cries if we leave him, suffers from separation anxiety – but to see how he changes just because Brian’s in the room, he becomes calm and quiet, Brian just has that instant effect on him, it’s wonderful. We’re grateful that Brian explains things so well, both about our behaviour towards our dog and about dog psychology in general. We’ve learnt so much and are noticing a huge change in our dog’s behaviour in such a short space of time, it’s unbelievable. Makes for a happier, calmer dog and happier, calmer humans!!
Bobbie Jeal
SuSi 3

I contacted Brian at the start of the year in a panic, as my newly arrived South-east Asian (Hmong) Hunting Dog (SuSi) had developed a taste for chasing sheep. She’s 5 years old and has spent her entire life living free-range in northern Laos; about the most independent dog you could imagine. Susi is an escape artist and capable of climbing all fences she has encountered to date. She has (or should I say, had) zero recall. With sheep all around our house I couldn’t imagine how things were going to turn out.

Brian made time for us immediately, and he tailored a solution suited to both me and Susi. His training led to much more than sheep aversion, and has totally turned around our owner-dog relationship and day to day life.

Part of me always worried that training her would mean losing a piece of her free spirit — I’m so pleased to find out that this is not the case at all. She’s the same dog, just happier and more settled than I’ve ever seen her. Our interactions are all positive now, and from time to time we share moments of mutual understanding that would not have been possible without Brian’s help.

Thanks Brian! I strongly recommend his services.

Lorraine Scotson

Excellent! Only took an hour with Brian to get my dog responding to clicker training, walking nicely on the lead, heeling and attentive. I learned a lot from Brian in the hour he was here and I highly recommend him. My dog is also a very nervous little thing and a very fussy eater but Brian’s homemade treats went down very well! So chuffed! Thank you
Zoe Turner
I contacted Brian because both of my dogs were pullers and walking on the lead was not fun. In little more than an hour I had two lovely non-pulling dogs and no longer felt like I had arms like Mr Tickle. A few days on and they are both doing great. Worth every penny and more. A month or so later I asked Brian to visit to help with Blue who was struggling to learn not to jump up. He showed me how quickly she responded to clicker training and already, just 24hrs on she’s less inclined to jump up. Great results.
Vicky Keir
I could not recommend Brian & the service he provides highly enough. Max has had 2 sessions with Brian & the difference is unbelievable. Max has gone from a dog who was always jumping up & who couldn’t be left on his own without him making an awful noise to become a biddable, calmer & more obedient wee man. If anyone is looking for a trainer to help them with their dog I would suggest to look no further than Brian. Thank you so much Brian for making my life & Max’s a lot easier.
Mo Connelly
Brian is brilliant. Called him to help with my boxer who pulled, had him walking by my side within 20mins! Cant thank you enough Brian for making my walks with Bobby much more enjoyable.
Sue McIver
Brian has been working with my 9 month old Romanian rescue dog, Beren.
Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen Beren change from a frightened puppy to a much happier, well adjusted member of our family.
Beren loves working with Brian now and gets so much out of his training sessions. I can’t thank Brian enough.
Jackie Flynn
Amazing! I was in despair with my 10 month lab while walking, to the point of thinking I could not manage my own dog. Desperation, I made the call to Brian, he quickly made time to meet us and within half an hour, my totally mad, unruly dog had turned a massive corner. I now know what I need to do to make our walks enjoyable. We now need to start obedience training!!! Thank you so much Brian.
Fiona McLintock


Brian was fantastic. Took Lucy for one visit & we had our problems sorted. Recall is now fantastic & she is no bother while out & about. Cannot thank Brian enough. First class service. I would highly recommend this service. Thanks Brian.

Sandra Kuklinski


I have been up the wall with my Sprocker pup 6months old. Always pulling, I have spent a fortune on all the fancy harnesses and puppy training classes but I still have one arm longer than the other. As a last resort I googled dog trainer in Dumfries and found Brian. I could hardly believe my eyes that after just 20mins my pup was walking to heel without pulling using a very simple lead he designed himself. I can’t praise him highly enough. Thanks Brian.

Bill McArthur


Can’t thank Brian enough. In just 10 days we have seen a massive change in our Labrador – mainly by training us more than the dog lol. It’s been great to be given the help and advice to help our dog – who wasn’t adjusting all that well to our new addition to the family. He’s so much better already. Still a way to go, but very confident that we are on the right road to a happy & obedient dog. Highly Recommend K9 Care dog training to everyone in need of assistance with their 4 legged friends!

Debbie Kerr


Great help and advice from Brian, the Calm8 lead has made my dog a lot calmer when out. I would recommend Brian’s help and the lead

Sharron Olney


Brian is brilliant. Called him to help with my boxer who pulled on the lead, had him walking by my side within 20mins! Can’t thank you enough Brian for making my walks with Bobby much more enjoyable.

Susanne McIver



Great service, loves dogs and my big boys learning n is happy smile emoticon! For a spooky Rotty, Brian’s calmed him down brilliant…. No other dog trainer has come close to Brian! N his lil Spaniels are lovely and help my boy too smile emoticon

Taryn Cotton


We have turned our dogs behaviour around with the help of K9 Care Dog Training. Our dog walks are now an enjoyable experience again. Thanks so much.

Liza Woods


Brian has been great. Helped us correct some bad habits our lab puppy had. The new Calm8 lead has solved a huge problem with me and walking our dog! I can now do it easily and it’s enjoyable!! Thanks for all your help Brian

Nicola Ross



We can’t recommend or praise Brian enough. our springer spaniel Murphy was really difficult to take for a walk & had some bad doggy manners. Thanks to Brian’s hard work & knowledge, Murphy is a completely different dog & a pleasure to walk. We learnt a lot from Brian about how dogs think & only wish we had found Brian a lot earlier than we did!

Ian & Lorraine Anderson



We are really pleased with the service we have received so far. I contacted Brian as I wanted a dog trainer to put us on the right track with our puppy. I wanted help with how to stop him biting and other things and Brian was really helpful, offered advice and made me feel more confident to deal with it……….would definitely recommend.

Sarah Drysdale


Fantastic! Had Brian help me with our 2 spaniels today they have learned so much already and so have I!! I would recommend highly to anyone with dog training issues, wish we had found him months ago!!

Michelle Stitt


Brian is an amazing dog trainer. Charlie was definitely not easy to train being a stubborn/cheeky beagle cross and he is now really brilliant at recall, walking to heel etc. Brian’s own spaniels are the most perfectly trained dogs I’ve ever seen its unbelievable. I cannot recommend him highly enough

Emma McColm



Brian helped us lots when we got our GSP pup. Introduced us to ‘clicker training’ which worked really well! Fab service.

Tracy Martin


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