Rescue dogs require special treatment to enable them to quickly and successfully settle in to their new homes. An unacceptable number of rescue dogs end up being returned to the rescue centre simply because the new owners have not met their needs as a dog. Dogs are not humans and they have different needs from us, they think differently from humans and what means one thing to a human can mean the exact opposite to a dog.

If you think that rescue dogs just need love and affection to help them get over their past and be happy in their new homes, then I’m sorry, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Apart from food and water a dog needs leadership, exercise, structure and (affection given at the correct time) to be a happy and balanced dog that will be a loving and devoted companion to it’s new owners.

There an no bad dogs, just uneducated or mis-informed owners and most dogs that end up in a rescue centre due to behavioural problems are there through no fault of their own. Even some of the most difficult cases can be successfully rehabilitated if given the correct treatment to enable them to move on from their past experiences and become a happy and balanced dog.

If you are thinking about adopting a rescue dog or have recently adopted one and you are finding it difficult to get the dog settled in to it’s new home due to behavioural problems, please get professional help, the sooner the better. The best time to get a professional involved is before you actually collect the dog as the first few hours you spend with the dog are very important, this is when you either set the dog up for success or failure. You need to know what the first thing is you should do after collecting the dog and how to introduce the dog to it’s new home and family including any other pets in the household. If you do this properly you are setting the dog up for success not failure.

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